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What Has Gone Wrong With the United States Birthing Sytem? November 13, 2010

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We are choosing homebirth this time around and couldn’t be happier with the care I’ve been receiving and the amazing support system we have had.  Along with going to see my midwives, going to see my chiropractor and craniosacral therapist has been an amazing experience (my craniosacral therapist will also be my doula during the birth). 

I was saddened, yet it solidified my choice in homebirth, when I read this article from the Huffington Post.  The title is: Women Speak Out About What’s Gone Wrong with the United States Birthing System.  Some VERY important points in the article:

  • USA has the SECOND worst newborn death rate in the modern world.  From CNN:

American babies are three times more likely to die in their first month as children born in Japan, and newborn mortality is 2.5 times higher in the United States than in Finland, Iceland or Norway, Save the Children researchers found.

Amnesty International’s report Deadly Delivery: The Maternal Health Care Crisis in the USA, urges action to tackle a crisis that sees between two and three women die every day during pregnancy and childbirth in the USA.

A total of 1.7 million women a year, one-third of all pregnant women in the country, suffer from pregnancy-related complications.

  • In the areas of the world, where birth goes much smoother than the USA, between 70-80% of those births are followed by a midwife, OB-GYN’s are there for HIGH risk pregnancies.  For more, click here.
  • The C-section rate has skyrocketed!  1 out of every 3 births is a c-section!!   From the NY Times:

When needed, a Caesarean can save the mother and her child from injury or death, but most experts doubt that one in three women need surgery to give birth. Critics say the operation is being performed too often, needlessly exposing women and babies to the risks of major surgery.

  • Rates of homebirth are up despite biased warnings from the AMA and ACOG.  The recent study done to condemn homebirth is seriously flawed.  The flowing links sum up why the study was flawed.

A very EDUCATED response, from researcher Henci Goer, click here

From Mothering.com

According to the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) press release, Saraswathi Vedam, a nurse midwife and researcher at the University of British Columbia, who is an acknowledged expert on assessing the quality of literature related to home birth, finds the study deeply flawed: “[T]he authors’ conclusions are not supported by their own statistical analysis.” Vedam states that Dr. Wax et al acknowledges the consistent findings of low perinatal and neonatal mortality in planned home births across the best quality studies they reviewed “but amazingly Wax does not emphasize or even mention this in his sole conclusion.”

MANA’s press release continues, “This begs the question of whether the author’s analysis and reporting of reviewed articles on homebirth do not support his foregone conclusion about the safety of homebirth.”

In her article, “Tripled Risk of Newborn Death at Home?,” the Midwife Next Door provides links to and quotes from the original studies cited in this review. Her conclusion: “This is a situation where the evidence simply does not add up to the conclusion. The preponderance of the evidence still falls in support of safety of planned home births with a certified/registered/licensed attendant.”

Another thoughtful response by Bringing Birth Home, click here.


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